Why Have a Winter Wedding?

We think there’s something really magical about a white winter wedding, and though winter may seem far off now, I bet there are plenty of you who are starting to plan your wedding for this upcoming 2015-2016 season!

There are a couple spots that we dream of having a client get married – Jackson Hole, Sun Valley, Tahoe, to name a few. But, let’s take a step back and discuss why it’s so fun to have a winter wonderland as your wedding backdrop anyway…

1. The grandeur of a mountain range, pureness of freshly fallen snow, frosted pine trees and cozy log cabins with roaring fireplaces all make for beautiful wedding photos. It’s serene, peaceful, cozy and romantic.
2. It makes for a fun winter vacation for your guests, who may choose to stay longer and enjoy some skiing, snowboarding or other outdoor activities.
3. Many people get Christmas and New Years off, making it a prime time to maximize your attendance rate! (New Year’s Eve black-tie weddings are especially fabulous, since people want to celebrate regardless!)
4. There’s more flexibility when it comes to dates, since the majority of couples opt to get married in the spring, summer or fall.
5. You also don’t need to worry about weather on your wedding day. You and your guests will be expecting snow and will be prepared for it and dressed appropriately.
6. There’s something so romantic about being holed up in cozy lodge before or after your wedding. You can cuddle with your fiancé (or new husband), have some hot cocoa, curl up with a blanket, and lounge by the fireplace…it all sounds so dreamy!

One of our favorites was a wedding we did in Whistler and we had a great time coming up with all sorts of creative ideas. Stay tuned for our post next week where we’ll share some winter inspiration and images from our Whistler Wonderland…

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